About ReD

Over the last ten years, ReD has led a quiet revolution in thinking about business.
All of our work begins with an exploration of the customers’ world— using social science tools to understand how people experience their reality and, in turn, offering businesses a “reality check” on what is meaningful to people.

Who We Are

ReD is a strategy consulting company based on the human sciences. Companies tend to come to us when the old models aren’t working and the future is uncertain

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What we do

We always emphasize long-term problem solving over quick fixes. In many cases our work has led to sharp turns in strategy. We enjoy working with clients who are ready to embrace bold ideas and are looking for a radically new way of thinking.

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ReD is a partnership with nine partners - five in New York and four in Copenhagen, and a COO to run the daily operations of our company.

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Relevant press pieces about ReD

Navigating in a fog In this brief talk, Mikkel Rasmussen demonstrates the power of reframing a business challenge through asking a new question: what business are we in? By heading down an alternate path – one that is unfamiliar and uncertain – and using the tools of the human sciences, businesses can find that moment of clarity and position themselves for long-term success.