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How Brands Can Identify The Moments That Matter Most To Customers

Today’s marketing models attempt to put brands in the room 24/7. And yet, these very same models are actually causing brands to miss out on the most meaningful connections with consumers. What are the models getting wrong? And how can brands more accurately identify the moments that matter most? Charlotte Vangsgaard gives her take on

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The Intercept

Political Data is Everywhere — But What Does It All Mean?

“Measuring everything [can be] deadly. The understanding of people’s lived experience is critical to democracy”, notes Christian Madsbjerg in an interview with The Intercept.

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Harvard Business Review

An Anthropologist walks into a bar

An emerging method is dramatically shaping how businesses can apply the human sciences. This new approach is finding its way into the labs of technology companies such as Intel, IBM, and Samsung; the marketing departments of large consumer-product companies such as Adidas, Lego, and Procter & Gamble; global health care companies such as Novo Nordisk and Pfizer; and the thinking and writing of business leaders and new breeds of consultancy that, like our own, merge hard and soft sciences.

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