The ReD Interview Process


The interviewing process is similar in the New York and Copenhagen office. What we are most interested in achieving during the interview is:

  • Giving you an understanding of what we do, in order to make sure it is the right fit for you and your career

  • Learning if your skills, experiences, and interests are compatible with becoming a consultant with ReD in the long-term

  1. A case to work on from home

Prior to getting an interview with ReD, you will be given a take-home exercise to complete as a first step. Those who successfully complete this are invited for an in-person or Skype first-round interview that will consist of two parts: an interview and a case.

2. Interview to gauge competencies and experience

During the interview we focus on learning more about your experience and your motivations for working at ReD. We want to understand what you’re passionate about, what you’re curious about, and why you want to have an impact in the world of business. We also try to understand what your working style is and how you learn and collaborate with others, as being a great team member is critically important to your long-term future at ReD.

3. Case Study

The purpose of the case is to get a better sense of how you approach the types of problems we typically help client with. In particular we are assessing your ability to: 

  • Work without hypothesis: Are you able to show creativity and curiosity in your problem-solving process? Are you honest about what you know and don’t know and ask thoughtful questions?

  • Have a structured problem-solving process: Are you a critical thinker that is able to prioritize data, have a perspective that is surprising yet grounded, and show the steps you’ve followed to develop that perspective?

  • Communicate in a logical and compelling way: Can you present your thoughts in a clear and logical way?

  • Deal with business problems: The root of what we do is to advise businesses. Do you show empathy for the client perspective and have aspects of business intuition?

You can learn more about previous ReD projects by reading through our case studies here on the site.

4. Second interview

Applicants with an outstanding performance in the first interview round will be invited to a second round of interviewing to meet with one to two ReD partners. The focus of this interview is on your motivations for working with ReD, getting a better sense of what you’re passionate about, and assessing your ability to be a strong advisor with our clients. You should come prepared with something to share about yourself that reveals a sense of who you are and what you’re curious about. Often there is a more conversational case component of this interview where we want to better understand how you solve problems and articulate your thoughts in a fast-paced conversation.


If you have any further questions about the application process, please check our Hiring FAQs.



An intensive three-to-five-month experience, the ReD Consultant Program is the recruiting ground for new consultants and a launching pad for a career at ReD or beyond. 

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