Track Changes: Making Sense Of Capitalism And Ethics: A Conversation With Christian Madsbjerg

Paul and Gina meet up with Christian Madsbjerg to discuss the ideas behind his book, “Sensemaking: The Power of Humanities in the Age of the Algorithm”


From the episode description

What happens when you take a philosopher out of their element and plunk them into management? How can the business and tech worlds benefit from the humanities? Are we putting too much trust into algorithms and the promise of artificial intelligence?

Just because Google does it, doesn’t mean we should do it too: This week Paul Ford and Gina Trapani meet with Christian Madsbjerg, author of Sensemaking: The Power of Humanities in the Age of the Algorithm. Christian discusses the limits of the algorithm, bringing human insight into technology, where artificial intelligence falls short, and the impact of Elon Musk. (Ed. Note: Unfortunately, this interview was recorded before the Met Gala.)

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