P1 Morgen: Our Human Capabilities Are Greatly Undervalued

Connected to the launch of Sensemaking in Danish, Christian Madsbjerg was on Danish National Radio's morning show, P1 Morgen

Asked about why literature matters if you want to understand a culture, as they are fictional accounts and not "true", Madsbjerg notes:
"There's a lot of truth in literature and poetry. If we talk about how the city feels or the political mood of a country. It isn't true in a way you can prove by counting. But that doesn't make it any less true; we can sense it. There is knowledge between us human beings. In the book I call it a third type of knowledge that isn't subjective or objective, but something that exist between human beings; a shared knowledge. And that shared knowledge is something that literature, movies, and music are good at grasping." 

The entire interview can be heard on the show's website or via their podcast.


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