Forbes: The Right Bedside Novel Could Do Wonders For Your Career

By George Anders.

In his article "The Right Bedside Novel Could Do Wonders For Your Career," George Anders discusses Christian Madsbjerg's new book "Sensemaking."

There's a schism in popular thought between the humanities and business. In "Sensemaking," Madsbjerg makes the case that these two spheres shouldn't remain separate, but instead, that a grounding in the liberal arts has immense value in the professional world. By providing the tools to critically examine human experiences, the humanities can ultimately help someone understand the reality that matters most to businesses across all industries— the reality that people actually live in.

As Anders writes: "The the argument for including at least a little of the humanities in your career-development plan shouldn't be defended only by measured voices; it needs full-throated advocates, too. In Sensemaking, Madsbjerg speaks with an urgency that can't be brushed aside."

The full article is available online here.


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