Design Better: Exploring How Humans Experience The World

Christian Madsbjerg talks about the role of design, the dangers of relying on focus groups and how anthropology is the most brutal cost reduction tool in the world.

From the description on DesignBetter's own site:

“In today’s tech-driven economy, it seems like it can be hard to justify the value of a traditional liberal arts education. But given the speed at which AI-driven advancements are taking over traditional jobs—even technical ones—perhaps a better understanding of humans and their cultures is exactly what we need.

Because being product-driven really means people people-driven—and we’re betting few people understand the human experience better than the author of Sensemaking, and co-founder and Senior Partner of ReD Associates, Christian Madsbjerg.

In this episode, Aarron and Eli chat with Christian about using tools from human and social sciences to inform business decisions. Christian’s expertise helps clarify the methods a lot of fast-moving companies botch, like gathering proper ethnographic research, and the hazards of conducting focus groups. Together, they also dig into the pros of a liberal arts education and how it helps foster the crucial skill of critical thinking.

Put on your thinking cap and enjoy this interview with Christian Madsbjerg, and thanks for listening.”

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