ReD Associates Forms Strategic Partnership With Cognizant

April 28th, 2016

Being more digital means being more human.

In the next decade digital technology will be integrated in the way we learn, heal, deal with money, traffic and food. Our cities, hospitals, transportation and food systems will all be different enough to take this shift very seriously. This shift needs to be guided by a deeply human sense of purpose and direction. 

In the past too much technology has been developed without much appreciation for what we humans might want, need and like. Software systems and digital applications have been implemented with a “take it or leave it” attitude. This leaves us with the conclusion that being more digital means being more human. We need to inspire the technological transformation that will happen by human understanding and human needs. 

ReD Associates is the worlds most advanced human science consultancy and is now partnering with Cognizant, the most successful and fastest growing technology advisor in the world. Together, sophisticated technology and deep human insight can make the next wave of digital transformation a meaningful one. 

You can read more about this partnership here.