Scenario Magazine: If You Want To Make Money Tomorrow, You Should Read Heidegger Today

By Esben Schjørring, January 2016

The myth that education in the humanities is irrelevant and useless is dead. In a globalized world where consumer behavior and technology is changing rapidly, leaving businesses operating with a high degree of uncertainty, the methods and insights from the humanities are the keys to the future. As part of the ongoing debate on the relevance and future role of the humanities, ReD Associates co-founder Mikkel B. Rasmussen, originally trained as an economist, shares how a study on running for adidas shook him to the core and changed his perception of the humanities as being ‘uninteresting and hogwash.' 

In fact, I found myself in a situation where I suddenly felt I had wasted my life sitting with a lot of spreadsheets, looking at the world like a hawk rather than being a fox down on the ground.

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