Talk At TedX Port Of Spain: Driving Innovation By Understanding Real People

By Eliot Salandy Brown, December 17, 2014

ReD Associates Partner Eliot Salandy Brown explores the gaps between the assumptions big businesses make about consumers and the reality of what we (real people) actually think, do, and need. 

Businesses shape our world, and if they shape it based on incorrect assumptions about who we are from spreadsheets and numbers rather than true understanding, they’re never going to shape it in a way that works for us.

Three cases from different industries highlight the costly errors companies make based on shallow market research rather than a rich understanding of real people. He argues that advanced research techniques derived from Applied Business Anthropology have the power to reveal truths about people’s lives, dreams, and needs that focus companies’ innovation on what really matters to real people. 

Watch the full talk here


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