Weekendavisen: The Chosen Ones

By Johanne Mygind, September 1, 2006

Christian Madsbjerg grew up in left-wing society on the small island of Bornholm. His stepfather was a member of the Danish Communist Party and, as a child, Madsbjerg enjoyed listening to Marxist analyses of society over the dinner table. Today, to the great surprise of his mother, he is a successful leader in the private sector.

Madsbjerg himself explains, “The entrepreneurial layer in society today—those that start companies—are all left-wing yuppies like myself. We build upon the values of our left-wing childhood. In our company there are no hierarchies and it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, yellow or blue. What matters is what you are able to do and what books you have read.”

This intellectual curiosity has become a trademark of ReD Associates, the company he co-founded. And although ReD Associates is run like most other consultancy companies—with a “grow or go” policy—it is clear that the employees are most passionate when they can have a positive impact on the lives of consumers—especially if the consumers are from the lower levels of society.

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