Weekendavisen: Fieldwork To Go!

By Johanne Mygind, February 9, 2007

Michele Chang is an ethnographer and senior manager at ReD Associates. She left academia for the consultancy company because she wanted her research to have an impact, by giving consumers a voice in the development of new products.

She explains, “A lot of the market research done by other companies solely focuses on what will sell: nougat, peppermint or chocolate? We try to look at how the products may be improved to better fit into the lives the users are living. But of course the purpose is also to create growth for the individual companies we work for.”

In her current project, Michele Chang is studying how consumers can use mobile electronics to improve their productivity. After two weeks of fieldwork, where she will immerse herself in the world of potential customers, and one month of data analysis, she will give her recommendations to the multinational computer company Intel.

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