Turkish Weekly: Denmark Surveys Arab Public Opinions For Policy Change

By IslamOnline.net, April 19, 2006

Following the publication of twelve cartoon drawings of Muhammed, one of which displayed the Prophet with a bomb-shaped turban, Denmark faced an international crisis. Violent protests broke out across the Muslim world and massive boycotts of Danish products led to an 85 percent drop in the country’s dairy exports. To understand how Denmark and Danes are perceived in the Middle East, the Danish Foreign Ministry contracted ReD Associates for recommendations on how to improve relationships.

The Danish foreign minister, Per Stig Møller, stated, “If the cartoon crisis was a dress rehearsal of the clash of civilizations, let’s hope that everybody hated what they saw so much that the main show will be canceled! We Danes are ready to do our part in transforming the potential clash into an alliance of civilizations.”

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