Politiken: The New Logo Of The Danish Tax Authorities

By Anja Besser Schmul, January 5, 2007

Christian Madsbjerg from ReD Associates comments on the Danish tax authorities’ recent change of name and logo. He emphasizes the timing of the changes, which he considers to be well planned, since the organization is about to undergo a very broad and extensive process of reorganization.

He emphasizes that “the Danish tax authorities are currently in the midst of an enormous restructuring where employees are being moved around the country and divisions are being merged. If they need a new logo, now is the time—and their previous logo was indeed among the least graceful in the public sector.”

The old logo, which had a triangular shape, signaled “Caution” like the road signs of the same shape. That is not a desirable signal for a tax authority to send, Madsbjerg explains. Furthermore, he argues, 13 million DKK for the redesign is not the outrageous sum it has been made out to be, because a lot of that money has gone towards implementing the new name and logo.

The full interview isn't available online.


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