Politiken: Denmark Is About To Lose It's Design Status

By Lars Hedebo Olsen, August 15, 2010

Anders Byriel is president of the Danish Design Council, which, among other things, hands out the world’s largest design award: Index. He promotes ReD Associates’ unique take on design thinking as a good example of how Denmark should seek to create jobs for the future.

Anders Byriel explains: “Take a company like ReD Associates, which also works with design thinking. When they work for Adidas or Samsung, it is the immaterial design that they are concerned with.”

By utilizing the skills of anthropologists and sociologists, ReD Associates creates an understanding of humans, which may then turn into material products. This was the case when they worked for Adidas and the project ended with a collection of yoga equipment designed by Stella McCartney. Anders Byriel argues that Denmark should invest more in the design sector so the country doesn’t lose jobs to design meccas like London and Milan.

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