Kommunikationsforum: Democratize Creativity

By Christian Madsbjerg, November 21, 2001

In the world of marketing, creativity is surrounded by a high level of mystique. We imagine that ideas appear in the heads of gifted individuals from out of nowhere. Because it seems that no one really understands creativity, the art directors of the world can charge exorbitant prices for their creative services. This is the case even though only about 50 percent of marketing campaigns are successful. However, California-based consultancy IDEO has developed a more rigorous approach to working with creativity.

Christian Madsbjerg explains their approach in the following way: “IDEO’s practice around creativity takes an entirely different starting point than that of the marketing agencies. At IDEO, creativity is a craftsmanship that is carried out artistically. Instead of counting on a good idea flying in from above, the company has a very analytical approach.” 

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