Børsen: The Future Of Food Is About Balancing Ready-Made With Personal Customization

By Gro Høyer Thielst, November 5, 2009

Although many producers in the food industry are following one of the most important megatrends, convenience, they are missing out on another: personalization. According to Frederik Wiedemann, partner at ReD Associates, anthropological studies of food consumption have shown that the possibility for adding one’s own personal touch to a product is strongly connected to a value of doing good for oneself and one’s children.

Frederik Wiedemann highlights Danisco, one of ReD’s clients: “Take their product series ‘Sweet as you like.’ It is a dessert product which can be turned into a créme, a sauce, a fromage or an ice cream depending on the consumers’ taste, time, and skills.”

Professor and CEO for the Centre for Research on Consumer Relations in the Food Sector, Klaus G. Grunert, agrees and states that there is a huge market for food producers who listen to the wishes of the consumers.

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