Børsen: Master of Detail - A Portrait Of Christian Madsbjerg

By Dorthe Plechinger, December 6, 2012

Christian Madsbjerg is a co-founder and partner at ReD Associates. He explains that it is only about 2 percent of the time that our actions are based on conscious and rational decisions. Uncovering what steers our actions the remaining 98 percent of the time is at the heart of the company he is now directing:

ReD’s raison d’être is that we consider the phenomenon of the unruly human factor when we examine the behavior of a company’s customers. People are seldom ‘rational beings’ who make conscious, strategic and thoughtful choices. Rather, they often say one thing and then do another.

This thinking is inspired by philosophers such as Kierkegaard and Heidegger, who both argued that customs—not thinking—is at the essence of being human. This insight contradicts the premise of most market research and has attracted clients such as Samsung, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Intel. These companies all want to understand the unpredictable, fascinating, and multifaceted aspects that are at the core of being human.

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