Børsen: Danish Designers Are Too Provincial

By Gro Høyer Thielst, July 26, 2006

Christian Madsbjerg is a co-founder and partner at ReD Associates, one of the few Danish design companies that has managed to grow in recent years. He argues that Danish designers generally lack both the will and the interest in creating an international business. He argues that their mentality is a barrier for conquering new markets.

“Designers are primarily interested in working for art institutions, but these institutions often have limited funds. The design industry thereby becomes a backup for starving artists, although the hope is that it should be an important part of the Danish economy."

The CEO of Danish Designers, Steinar Valade-Amland, largely agrees with Christian Madsbjerg, but argues that designers need support when trying to grow their business. The organization therefore advocates for creating an advisory unit for ambitious designers.

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