Berlingske Tidende: Danish Design Needs To Be Prioritized

By Christian Madsbjerg and Anders Byriel, October 8, 2005

Design has been heralded as Denmark’s solution for competing in the global markets of the future. Unfortunately, the vision lacks backing and current initiatives are unambitious, with a narrow focus on aesthetics and the national market.

Christian Madsbjerg and Anders Byriel argue, “We have yet to realize that the whole service sector is an area that could also benefit from the skills of designers. Very few companies in Denmark use designers as an integrated part of their workflow. Rather, designers are ‘added on’ at the end of a process to make something look nice and smooth.”

At Harvard and MIT, researchers have realized how designers can be used in projects that are very technical in nature, and, in the U.K., the government is utilizing the skills of designers to improve democratic participation. Copenhagen has the potential become a European powerhouse for design, but that will require a far more ambitious investment in the field.

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