Harvard Business Review Japan: What is Sensemaking – A Conversation with Christian Madsbjerg

While on a Sensemaking book tour in Japan, ReD Associates Co-Founder Christian Madsbjerg sat down with Diamond Harvard Business Review’s Special Editor-in-Chief, Yuka Yamazaki to share the origins of ReD’s sensemaking process, why it requires human intelligence (not AI), and what sensemaking can do for businesses both in Japan and elsewhere around the world. This is a translation from the original Japanese interview.

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Forbes: Growth Stories: Breaking Free From Old Assumptions

Sometimes growth can't come from doing more of the same. You need a creative leap. And that creative leap is also destructive — destructive of assumptions and principles that have served you well in the past but now hold you back. How do you break the impasse and find the new assumptions that will take you forward? Alastair Dryburgh talks to Christian Madsbjerg of ReD Associates.

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