Track Changes: Making Sense Of Capitalism And Ethics: A Conversation With Christian Madsbjerg

What happens when you take a philosopher out of their element and plunk them into management? How can the business and tech worlds benefit from the humanities? Are we putting too much trust into algorithms and the promise of artificial intelligence?

Forbes: Merging Human Insight And Tech Foresight To Create Change

You can change the world in three ways: You can revolt, you can vote for a party and hope the government will fix it, or you can work with the commercial world to work with them to make it better. All three are great means to change the world. We work mostly with corporations, not only to make them profitable but to make them more humane.

Forbes: Growth Stories: Breaking Free From Old Assumptions

Sometimes growth can't come from doing more of the same. You need a creative leap. And that creative leap is also destructive — destructive of assumptions and principles that have served you well in the past but now hold you back. How do you break the impasse and find the new assumptions that will take you forward? Alastair Dryburgh talks to Christian Madsbjerg of ReD Associates.