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Why Culture Matters For Pharma Strategy

The U.S., Japan and Eurozone remain the key markets for most companies, but the increasing focus on cost effectiveness and the difficulties of the general economy, make the potential for significant growth in these markets questionable. In contrast, emerging pharmaceutical markets have been growing in the double-digits and are expected to continue expanding in the years ahead, due to strong economic growth, demographic changes, and improved funding for health care.

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​Disease Is Not Just Physical

Building on ReD’s ethnographic study of the condition, the results of a global quantitative investigation of nearly 2,000 psoriasis sufferers was recently published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. The study’s main finding confirmed ReD’s: “the experience of the disease is as much a psychological, social, and emotional experience as a physical one”.

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Megacities In Emerging Markets: The Car As The New Living Room

Infamous for its massive traffic, it should come as no surprise that Muscovites spend a considerable portion of their lives in cars, driving or simply waiting to get out of a traffic jam. Being more than just a means of transportation, the car offers a semi-private space that can be used for unwinding, consuming, and socializing—almost like a new type of living room.

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