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Slow Hunch – letting ideas come to you

Instead of focusing on the creation of ideas and trying to force them into being, one is better off focusing on understanding the relevant phenomenon in depth. Then it simply becomes a matter of being open to the ideas when they show up — be it in casual conversation, intense data crunching, or, as sometimes in Mozart’s case, on a sleepless night.

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Anna EbbesenCorporate Creativity, 4
High Quality Ideas

Companies are always on the lookout for new ideas—getting ideas is not the problem. Getting ideas of high caliber, however, is more challenging. Increasingly, companies are developing a more refined sensibility towards ideas and seek so-called “high-quality ideas.” High-quality ideas are bigger ideas that likely will stand both the test of time and have substantial commercial potential. High-quality ideas share five characteristics that at a glance can appear as counterintuitive.

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