Tools For Ethnographic Teamwork

New Danish textbook out with contribution from ReD Associates.

‘Antropologiske Projekter’ is a university textbook in Danish aimed at showcasing the diversity of present-day anthropological projects. It consists of 17 chapters that illustrates different ways of approaching and executing anthropological projects, including the epistemological considerations necessary for such an endeavour. The chapter written by Manager Jacob Wachmann and Partner Mikkel Brok Kristensen details the tools ReD Associates has developed to carry out succesful anthropological fieldworks as a team.

Why write it?
Most literature focused on anthropological fieldwork assumes that a project entails a minimum of 6 months of fieldwork carried out alone, which is hard to combine with the fast-paced reality of applied anthropology. This book, and our chapter, aims to right that wrong by giving university students and professionals the tools needed to conduct high quality ethnographic work efficiently.

Antropologiske Projekter’ is published by Samfundslitteratur and available in all major Danish booksellers.

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