A List of Our Favorite Neo-Craftsmen

By Randa Tawil

We think these people exemplify the trend of the neocraftsman and the way they tell their stories. From handcrafted axes to chocolate to vodka, all of these neocraftsman are creating a new way to look at “premium products” through their transparent process, their love of the craft, and what their product represents. These are some of our favorites that capture this trend perfectly.

1. The Tartine Bakery and the simple profundity of making bread

2. Rising Sun & Co. Tailor Made Indigo Goods feels their process produces more than just jeans

3. Imogene + Willie Jeans comes with a long story about tradition and the way that jeans should be made in America:


Their website is also full of great ways to keep your jeans natural and mystical:


4. Best Made Axes sells axes but also markets itself as a company that promotes outdoorsmanship and productivity:


5.  At Mast Brother’s Chocolate, “The chocolate itself represents more than just handcrafting goods. Its an old mentality that’s now new.”


6. In the Ballad of Hangar One, Hangar One Vodka tells the consumer the story of how and why this vodka was created, in a rhyming and catchy country ballad song:


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