Our Dedication To Learning


At ReD we hire some of the most talented social scientists in the world. To ensure that each person can become a world-class consultant and continue to develop both personally and professionally, we invest deeply in training and development. We have designed a number of support systems that will help ensure your career with ReD is one that is continuously growing. 


Coaching, mentoring, and feedback

Our focus on individualized support is geared to ensuring that the role you play fits with your skills, interests, and aspirations. We are a non-hierarchal organization and over the years we’ve found that this model ensures that each consultant can advance in ReD at a pace that is suitable for them.

To support you:

  • Each consultant is paired with a buddy (that is, a partner) who provides guidance and mentorship on an ongoing basis.

  • We have a formal review process at the end of each project where each consultant receives concrete and comprehensive feedback and evaluation.

  • Additional mentorship opportunities are available for new managers and there is often a lot of informal mentorship amongst colleagues.


A few of our learning programs

ReD Academy

Every year we embark on a series of Red Academy courses that are open to all consultants. These courses cover the foundational skills needed to succeed as a consultant: everything from learning the ReD problem-solving approach, to developing a deep understanding of the methods we employ, to learning to communicate in a logical and compelling way.

Social theory and philosophy

Social theory is at the core of the ReD Associates practice. We periodically have world-class social scientists lead in-depth seminars on various texts from Heidegger, Bourdieu, Foucault, Laclau, and others.  These are open for all staff to attend and are critical to ensuring that we are consistently bringing in new ways of thinking about the world into our work. 

You can get a sense of these seminars by listening to the podcasts that were the result of a series of internal seminars on the works of Martin Heidegger with Taylor Carman, Professor of Philosophy at Barnard College and Columbia University. The sessions are edited for client confidentiality and can be used by anyone interested in Martin Heidegger’s philosophy and how it might be applied to the world of business. 

Business basics and mini-MBAs

These courses give our consultants (most of whom have very little familiarity with business) the building blocks for understanding how the world of business is organized. The goal of these courses is designed to enhance our consultants’ business acumen, particularly in the areas of corporate strategy, marketing, corporate finance, and financial analysis.


How We Work

Our core work involves in-depth social research and business and market analysis that informs the strategic recommendations for our Clients.

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The Interview Process

Applicants with an outstanding performance in the first interview round will be invited to a second round of interviewing to meet with one to two ReD Partners.

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Available courses