“What ReD brings is a deep understanding of consumers and the dynamics you find in a society”

Pernod Ricard USA, in "Anthropology Inc", The Atlantic

Business Direction & Strategy

Rather than building a business’s direction on existing beliefs and business-unit assumptions, we help top executives gain a clear perspective on what businesses they should be in, based on the reality of their customers’ needs. Sometimes this leads to a sharp turn in strategic focus (e.g. defining new markets that they didn’t knew existed) and sometimes it results in a more targeted and incremental approach that emphasizes how to win again in key business segments. 


typical services include:

  • Defining a new long term direction

  • Defining the optimal mix of products and services in one’s portfolio

  • Developing a shared perspective on how to prioritize issues and opportunities

  • Building new planning processes that connect different business units across a company

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A Design Strategy For Adidas .jpeg

A New Design Strategy For Adidas

ReD influenced our point of view on the fitness market overall, and changed our view of how we can play a role in that” -- James Carnes, VP of Design for Adidas.

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Creating A Patient-Centric Corporate Strategy.jpg

Creating A Patient-Centric Corporate Strategy

Over the course of 14 projects in 5 years, ReD has been responsible for helping set in motion, and for strengthening, Novo Nordisk’s commitment to the needs of diabetes patients.

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Providing A New Strategic Perspective For Lufthansa Technik.jpg

Providing A New Strategic Perspective For Lufthansa Technik

“With the help from ReD, the clearest, most understandable and focused strategy document we have produced to date”, says Andrew Muirhead, Director of Innovation, Lufthansa Technik AG.

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Digital Strategy & Transformation

Do you want to put human understanding at the forefront of your digital development? Then you have come to the right place. 

ReD has pioneered a problem-solving process that merges world-class human science expertise with world-class technology expertise. We help our clients engineer digital products and services that stand out in the market because they are based on deep insights about people and the social worlds they live in. We offer teams of data scientists, digital engineers, and social scientists that work as an elite unit to solve some of the hardest digital challenges our clients face.     

Fueled by what is meaningful to customers, differentiates the brand, and manages social and ethical risks the best way possible, they ensure that insights and development go hand in hand.

Through an exclusive partnership with global IT and consulting services firm Cognizant, we are able to implement strategic recommendations with scalable AI, analytics, IoT, and engineering solutions. 

typical client services WILL include AT SOME POINT:

  • Insight to Code: A human science approach to agile software development, lowering risk and increasing the relevance of digital products and services.

  • Insight to AI: Combining big data analytics with deep qualitative observations, delivering improved algorithms to target customers, enhance services, detect fraud, and optimize data collection.

  • Insight to Experience: A deep dive into the customer experience of a brand, allowing us to develop a holistic digital marketing vision and execution plan.

  • Insight to Customer Care: Digital roadmaps and engagement models based on qualitative insights from the customer service experience, yielding higher-quality services—not just cost savings.


New Products & Services

The traditional approach to assessing growth potential in new products and services is to boil the world down into quantifiable properties, in order to assess where to invest (e.g. How big is the market? How many people will buy our products? How many people know our brand? Which category is growing fastest? Which geographic region is the most profitable?). Over the years, we have found that a narrow focus on quantifiable data alone is incomplete and can be counterproductive. Data analysis aimed at predicting future trends tends to underestimate or ignore the things that can’t be measured, while overestimating the importance of that which lends itself easily to quantification. 

We help companies base their innovation and growth strategies on actual human needs and demands, which can open up new opportunities and create new advantages.

typical client services include:

  • Developing a foundational perspective and value proposition regarding how to win in a new area of growth

  • Identifying opportunity platforms: developing a concrete definition of the new growth area, making a big bet

  • Mapping business opportunities in markets

  • Developing a clear innovation intent: providing direction, identifying and prioritizing projects

  • Identifying and evaluating M&A opportunities

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creating successful products for patients .jpg

Creating Successful Products for Patients And Health Care Professionals

ReD’s relationship with Danish medical devices manufacturer, Coloplast, has hinged on one of the most important topics in health care: compliance.

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Understanding Social Networking To Fuel Innovation.jpg

Understanding Social Networking To Fuel Innovation

Intel’s Mobile Group needed a take on what potential impact the emergence of social networking could have­ mobile devices in order to focus and fuel innovation efforts.

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Understanding The Design Rules Of The Home To Improve Product Design – people in home.jpg

Understanding The Design Rules Of The Home To Improve Product Design

ReD helped Samsung develop their own distinct visual design philosophy–one that gave up the aesthetics of technology to instead reflect the aesthetics of the home.

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Marketing & Sales

Marketers need a rich understanding of the context of consumers’ lives, in order to be present for the moments that matter most. In our work, we often find that traditional marketing models centered on abstract customer segmentations miss what is most meaningful to people. Our approach to marketing and sales strategy is to ensure our clients understand the rich context of their consumers’ lives so they get closer to the moments that matter and develop an understanding for where they need to be present to be relevant. 

typical client services include:

  • Building a customer-segmentation model based on emotional benefits

  • Identifying how different brands can work together to deliver on customer needs

  • Mapping customer journeys and drivers of change

  • Prioritizing and developing the channels to win in the market

  • Defining brand promise and key differentiators

  • Developing new sales models

  • Developing a communication and customer-engagement strategy

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Exploring Conviviality With Pernod Ricard.jpg

Exploring Conviviality With Pernod Ricard

As a creator of conviviality it is crucial for Pernod Ricard to remain a relevant and key enabler of these convivial moments. 

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Strategy For Moving From B2B To Direct Consumer Sales.jpg

Strategy For Moving From B2B To Direct Consumer Sales

DONG Energy was facing a liberalized energy market and needed a compelling way to position itself so that it could continue selling its own energy directly to consumers.

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Kristian Villumsen, Coloplast’s SVP Of Global Marketing, On Innovation In Healthcare

Kristian Villumsen is senior vice president of global marketing for Coloplast, an international company that makes medical devices related to ostomy, urology and continence, and wound treatment.

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Complexity Reduction

Over the years we have discovered that applying the human sciences to business is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs and cut complexity in a business. This is because social scientists, often using the tools from anthropology, have an in-depth understanding of what is relevant to people and what is not. In addition, by employing the same methods we use to develop a rich understanding of consumer behavior with our clients, we are able to identify products, processes, or services that are not useful for customers. We have helped a number of clients to reduce costs significantly, simplify processes and product portfolios, and fuel growth by focusing on what matters most.


typical client services include:

  • Simplifying product portfolios

  • Identifying opportunities for savings in sales and marketing

  • Mapping operational redundancies across an organization

  • Simplifying product and services design

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European Brewing Company - From Pushing Promos To Helping Bars Build Brands.jpg

From Pushing Promos To Helping Bars Build Brands

In 2006 a major European brewing company was faced with falling bar and pub sales and, despite muscular market research and competitive analysis, couldn’t figure out why. 

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