I would like to invite ReD Associates to come present at my institution’s next recruiting event. Who do I contact?

ReD Associates is happy to take part in relevant recruiting events. If you are organizing an event, you are always welcome to write us at jobs@redassociates.com.

Do you offer informational interviews?

Due to the volume of applicants, we do not offer informational interviews. We occasionally host on-line webinars to answers questions from applicants. These are announced on our website.

I missed the deadline for the Consultant Training Program. Can I still be considered?

Unfortunately, we can only accept applications submitted during our recruiting period. We look forward to receiving your application next time.

Can I receive feedback on my application?

Unfortunately, given the volume of applications we receive, we cannot give individualized feedback on applicant materials. For candidates who were invited for a first- or second-round interview but not offered a position, we can put you in touch with the consultants you met with to get feedback.

I don’t have an office preference—are my chances better if I pick an office to apply to or should I state that I am interested in both offices?

For all consultants, we ask for a minimum two-year commitment in the office you were hired into. Therefore please do select the office where you are most committed to living and working in the long-term. Both offices have a very competitive applicant pool so there is no advantage to selecting one office over the other. Note in your cover letter if you are equally interested in our offices. Please do not submit more than one application in a given application round. 

I have several years of work experience—do you have any openings for more experienced professionals?

If you are an experienced professional with several years of relevant work experience (3+ years experience from a top-tier strategy consultancy) you are welcome to submit an application. We are always looking for exceptional people, and sometimes we do have openings for more senior roles. If you have two to three years of work experience, it’s likely that our Consultant Program is right for you. Consultant trainees at ReD often have a few years of work experience or a significant track record in academia.

I applied to ReD Associates but did not receive an invitation for an interview. Can I apply again?

Absolutely, we would love to hear from you. If you are applying for the second time, please highlight in your cover letter what skills or experiences you have gained that make you a better candidate today. It is also helpful to do this if you were invited for a first-round interview but weren’t invited back in for final rounds. 

I do not have a degree in the social sciences—can I still apply?

Of course! The consultants at ReD come from all backgrounds and disciplines—many have degrees in the humanities, design, business, or the hard sciences. What unites us is our deep interest in people and our desire to make an impact in business, and we encourage you to show us in your application why you could be both an outstanding social researcher and a trustworthy advisor to businesses.

Are internships available?

We do not offer part-time internships. Because getting a feel for ReD and the work we do requires being here full-time, we also do not offer part-time internships for students who are currently enrolled in school. Occasionally we do hire active students as summer interns. All available openings will be posted on our website.

Do you allow consultants to transfer between offices?

For all consultants, we ask for a minimum two-year commitment in the office you were hired into. Occasionally, transfers are arranged after an internal review process depending on staffing and hiring needs in the other office. Many of our consultants do spend considerable time in the other office on a project basis. 

Still got questions?

If you have any further questions about the application process, email jobs@redassociates.com. 


The Interview Process

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An intensive three-to-five-month experience, the ReD Consultant Program is the recruiting ground for new consultants and a launching pad for a career at ReD or beyond. 

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