Consumer Goods


Most forward-thinking companies in the consumer goods industry strive to be customer-centric--and with good reason. In an industry where product and brand differentiation is slim and competition fierce, the depth of consumer understanding is what allows companies to genuinely stand out in the marketplace. For more than a decade, ReD Associates has helped executives adapt and develop new offerings in tune with tomorrow’s consumer—in both existing and emerging markets. 


Achieving deep customer understanding

We have extensive experience in accessing a deep understanding of customers' needs and translating those needs into strong value propositions, relevant product and service offerings, and successful customer engagement models.  In partnership with our clients, our deep dives into the lives of customers show how products sit in relationship to the ever-changing emotional dynamics of consumer culture. By focusing on the full context of the consumers' lives and the social ecology that surrounds them – friends, family, colleagues, spouses, etc. – we gain richer insights into their experience. 

It’s this depth of understanding that enables our clients to offer solutions that actually matter to people – everything from preparing healthier meals for the whole family to fitting into the “little black dress.”

This holistic approach to the consumer allows us to determine if unmet needs are more universal--better approached through a global strategy--or particular to a specific regional or even local market. By revealing the greater context of customers’ lives, we ensure that our clients don’t work from misguided—and ultimately costly—assumptions about which market perspectives actually matter at which scale. 

In our work within consumer goods, we focus on three main areas: 

  1. Building strong value propositions

  2. Innovating relevant product and service offerings

  3. Creating the right consumer engagement models (marketing and consumer experience).


Building strong value propositions

What makes a new offering desirable? ReD builds value propositions for new offerings that span the range from ‘indispensable’ to ‘a relevant and meaningful addition’ in people’s lives. These insights help our clients to deliver value propositions that are logical, clear and simple, delivered in formats that fit the needs and culture of their organizations – from strategy plans for the executive team to workshops and videos engaging the wider organization.


Innovating relevant product and service offerings

ReD has a proven track record in translating consumer insights into commercial opportunities for new products and services. We always develop new offerings in close collaboration with our clients, building on the expertise and capabilities that already exist, while gently pushing the organization into more needs-based solutions. We build commercial concepts outlining the core idea, business model, customer experience, target segment, sales channels and marketing approach, always rooted in a fresh perspective on the market and consumer in question. Relevant ideas for new products and services are delivered as early prototypes and service blueprints, or more often, as innovation briefs for product designers, business developers and marketers sitting either in the client’s organization or outside, in the shape of design, ad, or brand agencies.


Creating the right consumer engagement models (marketing and consumer experience)

ReD turns distant brands into welcome participants in consumers' lives through this deep understanding of how different types of consumers create and sustain their relationships and communities. In collaboration with our clients, we develop the right marketing mix and overall marketing strategy – above the line, below the line, across physical and digital touch points. We outline how to engage consumers in ways that feel meaningful, authentic, and relevant for both companies and people. These are shared with our clients in whatever form best suits their needs – from user experience storyboards and posters to workshops and training sessions.


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