Financial Times: Retailers Fragile and Exposed in a Cold Climate

“The likes of Maplin and Toys R Us were stuck [thinking that] the role they were playing for consumers was being there as a warehouse giving choice and convenience,” says Michele Chang-McGrath, a partner at ReD Associates, which studies consumers’ in-store behaviour.

Tracking down niche toys is now a function better performed by Amazon than speciality big-box stores, Ms Chang-McGrath says.

“We’ve found that a lot of parents hate going to the toy store because it’s a place where arguments will happen, they lose control of their budget and their children,” she says. “Online, you don’t have to face those battles.”

Forbes: Growth Stories: Breaking Free From Old Assumptions

Sometimes growth can't come from doing more of the same. You need a creative leap. And that creative leap is also destructive — destructive of assumptions and principles that have served you well in the past but now hold you back. How do you break the impasse and find the new assumptions that will take you forward? Alastair Dryburgh talks to Christian Madsbjerg of ReD Associates.