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Cognizant Press Release

ReD Associates Forms Strategic Partnership With Cognizant

ReD Associates, the worlds most advanced human science consultancy, is now partnering with Cognizant, the most successful and fastest growing technology advisor in the world. Together, sophisticated technology and deep human insight can make the next wave of digital transformation a meaningful one. 

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Business Insider

The idea that AI can 'read' the emotions on your face is profoundly flawed

The next big thing is “affective computing," wherein algorithms can supposedly read emotions on our faces and deliver information about what we want to companies. But at the heart of affective computing are three misguided ideas about human emotions -- Some philosophical due diligence by Christian Madsbjerg and Jonathan Lowndes.

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Harvard Business Review

An Anthropologist walks into a bar

An emerging method is dramatically shaping how businesses can apply the human sciences. This new approach is finding its way into the labs of technology companies such as Intel, IBM, and Samsung; the marketing departments of large consumer-product companies such as Adidas, Lego, and Procter & Gamble; global health care companies such as Novo Nordisk and Pfizer; and the thinking and writing of business leaders and new breeds of consultancy that, like our own, merge hard and soft sciences.

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