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The Heidegger Sessions with Taylor Carman

These podcasts are the result of a series of internal sessions on the works of Martin Heidegger. Taylor Carman, Professor of Philosophy at Barnard College and Columbia University, went through most major texts by the German philosopher. These texts are core to the practice of ReD Associates. The sessions are edited for client confidential material and can be used by anyone interested in Martin Heidegger’s philosophy and how to apply it to the world of business. Enjoy.

Session 1. The analytic of Dasien

Session 2. Being-in and the worldliness of the world

Session 3. Being-with and das Man

Session 4. Disposedness, understanding, interpretation

Session 5. Assertion, language, falling

Session 6. Dasein’s being as care

Session 7. Truth

Session 8. Death

Session 9. The origin of the work of art

Session 10. The question concerning technology

Session 11. Building Dwelling Thinking

Session 12. The thing

Session 13. The turning