Christian Madsbjerg

Christian Madsbjerg has been leading projects and client programs since ReD’s foundation. Christian holds a specialist role in ReD as director of client relations and focuses on ways to rigorously study human behavior and on ways to understand why particular methodologies need to be applied in order to do so. He writes, teaches, and speaks about the kinds of methods and reasoning needed for fact-based investigations of human activity, emotions, and decision-making processes. He is the author of books on social theory, discourse analysis, and politics. Christian studied philosophy and political science in Copenhagen and London and has a Masters from the University of London.


Mikkel B. Rasmussen

Mikkel B. Rasmussen, a specialist in innovation strategy, is the Director of ReD’s European division. He has spent his career focused on driving innovation in both private and public sector businesses. Mikkel founded Mindlab, the first innovation lab for the public sector in Denmark. His work focuses on helping companies create and implement a direction for the future and figure out where and how to focus innovation. He’s on the board of Copenhagen Clean Tech, numerous startups, and several design policy and management firms. He has written numerous articles about creativity and innovation in organizations and has delivered hundreds of keynotes around the world. He holds a Masters in Public Administration and Economics from the University of Roskilde and a Masters in Innovation Management from Limburg University in Maastricht.


Charlotte Vangsgaard

Charlotte Vangsgaard has a strong analytical background in social theory and business strategy. At ReD Charlotte handles marketing- and pharma-related projects in Europe for consumer goods and healthcare companies. Throughout her time at ReD she has focused on helping companies set a commercial direction for the future based on a deep understanding of their core customers. Charlotte also spent a decade driving projects on poverty alleviation and economic development for the United Nations Development Programme in Cairo and Algiers and moved on to working for the Danish Government and the International Center for Corporate Accountability. She holds a Masters in Political Science and an MBA in International Business and Marketing from City University in New York.


Filip Lau

Filip Lau has spent his career helping media and consumer goods companies define new innovation strategies and business models. A recent paper for the American Anthropological Association’s EPIC conference surveyed how companies perceive and exploit “insights” derived from ethnographic research. Filip’s book, The Globalists, is a reported and sociological take on globalization through the lens of industries as diverse as container shipping, haute couture, and renewable energy. Filip was previously a partner at two of Copenhagen’s largest design consultancies and has written on design’s role in contemporary society for Surface, Wallpaper, Review, and Idea. Filip has a Masters in Sociology from The University of Copenhagen and has taught politics there as a visiting professor at the Institute for Political Science. He is also on the board of the Danish Architectural Press.


Jun Lee


Jun has focused on the intersection between social practices and technology use. His work has helped shape new perspectives on how people use technology and media in their cultural practices, and how technology and media change social behavior. Deeply driven to not only understand, but develop ideas that lead to tangible concepts, Jun has helped major technology companies develop unique product experiences covering televisions, mobile phones, home appliances, health and wellness devices, mobile services, and digital security.

Having worked in Seoul, Korea, for Samsung Electronics and in Copenhagen with ReD’s home office, Jun brings a seasoned international perspective from life and connections in several continents. Jun holds a Master’s in Design from the Institute of Design, IIT, Chicago, and a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Behavior from Columbia University.


Mikkel Brok-Kristensen

Mikkel has spent most of his professional life figuring out how to apply anthropology to business problems. This has made him one of the most experienced business anthropologists in ReD and has also allowed him to develop and perfect methods and tools to make anthropology into a useful and powerful tool to inform business strategy. Mikkel has lead over one hundred field work studies for clients all over the world. He is specialized in solving problems in the health care industry and has consulted several pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers on setting a long term patient centric agenda and how to translate customer insights into clear innovation priorities and new product briefs.

Recently he has earned an executive MBA to make the connection between the soft world of anthropology and the hard world of business even stronger. Mikkel holds a Master of Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen, and an Executive MBA (E*MBA) from Scandinavian International Management Institute (SIMI) & Copenhagen Business School.