The ReD Apprentice Program

- The introductory program for new and prospective consultants

The application period is now closed

Unfortunately we cannot consider candidates outside of the application period.


About the program

An intensive, three-to-five-month experience, the ReD Apprentice Program is an opportunity to get to know us and our work, and a rich learning experience for anyone at the beginning of his or her career. In addition, it is the recruitment ground for new consultants and thus a launching pad for a career at ReD or beyond. The program includes tracks for both recent graduates and others seeking an entry-level position, as well as students who are still in school and looking for an internship-like experience. In both cases, our goal is to ensure that once you have completed the ReD Apprentice Program, you are ready and motivated to make an impact as a consultant.

What we offer

A hands-on experience

As part of the ReD Apprentice Program you will learn to apply social science theories and methods to help international companies like Samsung, Adidas, Novo Nordisk or LEGO overcome their biggest challenges. You will be an integral part of our small close-knit project teams, advising our clients on how to best serve their customers and grow their business, and you may well be asked to travel to other parts of the world for fieldwork and meetings.

Your work will typically include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research, primarily ethnographic fieldwork and expert interviews
  • Development of insights, concepts, solutions and recommendations for our clients

An opportunity for growth

The ReD Apprentice Program is designed to provide you with essential skills needed to succeed at ReD and the business world in general. At ReD, you will get an experienced mentor who will help you define your development goals and support your personal development throughout the program. You will work closely with a team of colleagues who are committed to help you grow and succeed, and a rigorous review process will ensure that you get detailed, constructive feedback on all assignments, so you can track your progress. In addition, you will receive extensive training through participation in a range of internal training programs – from modules on consulting or research basics specifically tailored to Apprentices, to firm-wide training initiatives, and periodic talks by renowned external experts.

A fun and intellectually stimulating environment

The ReD Apprentice Program may expose you to new cultures, people and practices as part of field work in distant lands. And it will definitely expose you to an interesting and eclectic group of colleagues with whom you get to work closely on projects, share lunch every day (which is free and delicious) and have drinks during our Friday Bars. With frequent dinners, parties, talks or events, ReD is a vibrant institution that values not only sustained hard work, but also time for reflection, inspiration, fun and relaxation because we know that, to help solve the most intractable problems, you need a mind that is well rested and well fed.

What we look for

We seek exceptional graduates from all disciplines and backgrounds, but with a demonstrable strength in social sciences such as Anthropology, Ethnography, Sociology and Political Science. You will have an analytically sharp and empathic mind and a professional work ethic that inspires and motivates people around you. You will be intellectually curious, have great communication skills and be fluent in both written and oral English. In evaluating applications we specifically look for:

  • An outstanding academic record
  • Relevant experiences that highlight your skills as a leader, thinker, innovator etc.
  • International experience and language skills
  • Previous experience with qualitative and/or quantitative research methods


The details

How to apply
We only accept applications during the below mentioned times:

  • Spring and Summer apprenticeships
    Open for application the month of October
    Deadline: Nov 1st end of day EST
  • Fall apprenticeship
    Open for applications early March
    Deadline: April 3rd end of day EST

At this point our New York office is sadly unable to sponsor any visa applications, we can therefore only accept your application if you are a US citizen or already have a valid US work visa/green card. Our Copenhagen office welcomes all applicants regardless of visa status.

The Apprentice Program is a full time commitment that lasts three to five months. The exact dates and duration of the program are flexible, and determined in consultation with the applicant, but new Apprentices tend to join either in the Spring (starting in January or February), Summer (starting in June or July) or Autumn (starting in September or October). You will take part of the daily project work at ReD Associates and are expected to be flexible with regard to travel.

It is our hope that all participants in the Apprentice Program will subsequently be qualified and motivated to join us full-time as consultants. While participants are compensated a nominal stipend for the duration of the program, those who are subsequently offered positions as consultants may qualify for an additional signing bonus.




Spring and Summer

Open for application: October 1st
Deadline: Nov 1st end of day EST


Open for applications: March 2nd
Deadline: April 3rd end of day EST

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